Our product portfolio is diverse ranging from mobile games to web applications to GIS solutions.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    Based on the Microsoft Content Management server and providing rich flexabiltiy and scalabiltiy of full management options for management of content, be it news, articles to any other information
  • Open Content Management Systems (CMS)
    We have developed and customized modules and components for use with the PHP Nuke CMS system for the low end of the market, for this product we do not charge for the product but for thed effort put in, so this drastically reduces the cost and is better suited for the low end of the market.
  • Web based GIS
    Leveraging Microsoft .Net framwork provindg an easy to use interface which sits on top of the data and providing easy access to geographical information in many formats and styles to suit your need. This product is a web based application and provides advanced features like layering, terrain information to the en user.
  • Mobile Games & Applications
    Please contact us for a dema
  • ERP Solution
    We have developed a IT Audit module for SAP R/3, please contact for a demo

for detailed information about these products please contact us at: for more information about pricing and consultation.


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